We Yoga Project provides yoga classes and workshops to corporations, groups, and individuals throughout Seattle. Inspired by the idea that strong individuals make for strong communities We Yoga creates an accessible and communal class environment by tailoring yoga to meet the specific needs of a diverse range of students. We Yoga works beyond the traditional limitations of the current yoga culture to make the benefits of the practice extend beyond the studio walls. A part of our mission is to help clients grow an awareness of themselves so they can connect more deeply as a community. We extend our onsite work into the philanthropic arena, and utilize yoga as a tool for service. We regularly host events and classes benefiting non-profit organizations. 


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corporate yoga

Wellness programs are positively changing the business culture of successful companies. We Yoga Project offers yoga classes that further support your employees' current benefits.  Our classes are uniquely tailored to your company's wellness needs.  Our instructors are experts. We offer any style of yoga and create yoga classes that fit into your business culture.  Studies have shown that incorporating  yoga into the business hours can effectively increase your employees productivity


workshops and privates

Workshops and private small group sessions are great way to deepen your understanding of the practice. Workshops can extend from one to three hours. Privates one to two hours. 


non-profit events

We Yoga is all about giving back and community bonding. We hold regular events through out the year to bring our network together to give back to charitable organizations. Our most popular series takes place at Gas Works Park over the summer. We have raised a little over $10,000 in the past four years for non-profits like Mary's Place, Girls on the Run, Yoga Behind Bars, Poses for Paws, and Street Yoga.

Class options


We offer many styles ranging from vinyasa flow to hatha yoga in various different class formats. Our attention to alignment and focus on the students' needs make us experts in creating an accessible environment for any client.

One time yoga session

This is a one time booking with one of our expert teachers. These classes can range from 60-90 minutes. Our one time sessions are great for individuals, groups, kids, companies, as well as non-profit groups looking to raise money for their organizations.


Workshops are more specific and intensive. Workshops range from 2 to 3 hours. Workshops are great for getting a private session feel in a group atmosphere. We can build these around what you need and are seeking from the experience of yoga. A few examples of workshops we offer are "Introduction to yoga, Introduction to arm balances, Demystifying Meditation, Yoga for the workplace, Yoga for runners; A stretch break down."

Yoga Series

Our yoga series are 60-90 minutes classes extended into eight to ten week sessions. These series are best for corporations interested in introducing yoga into the workplace as well as athletic organizations seeking to achieve peak performance. These series can range in information from Introduction to yoga to yoga and injury prevention.