Making a green smoothie every morning has made me feel happier and healthier.  You can get pretty creative with your smoothies but I have found simplicity keeps it easier to maintain on a regular basis.  I recommend making your smoothie with:

1/2-1 cup of liquid(water, fruit juice, or almond milk)

2 heaping cups of greens (I love kale and spinach)

1 cup of fruit(I usually mix it up with different fruits)

For your first recipe I would do a cup of pineapple and enough water so your blender is happy, two cups of greens (I did kale and spinach), a banana, and a handful of ice if you prefer your smoothie cold.  If you want it on the creamier side substitute almond milk for the pineapple, and add a tbsp of almond butter.

I also recommend 1 cup of green grapes because they are low in sugar and most blenders can blend them into juice very quickly(add water if your blender is not blending),2 cups of greens, 2 clementines(hello vitamin c), and a banana.  Ice optional.  A great trick is to put your grapes in the freezer. Less ice = less watery smoothie.